Over the past week I have been turning up at Katie's house at 7am in order to photograph her morning's with Jaylen. We decided I should do it when we were looking through the photos I have taken of her over the last year and a bit and realised that one aspect of her life wasn't pictured at all.
Despite Jaylen's digestive system being " back in" ( for lack of a better phrase) it doesn't mean it automatically functions. His little body can only handle so much of the 20 hour a day milk feeds he is on and when it's too much he vomits. A lot. Anywhere, anytime. You can see in this first photo of this post how swollen his stomach is- that was a clear sign he was going to be sick at some stage. Katie and I have been out many times and had to source paper towels and wipes from anywhere she can to clean up the floor of wherever we are while people look on disgusted. The people at her local Coles now know her so well they have a mop prepared when they see the two of them come in. Katie texted me the other day saying she was proud but heartbroken that Jaylen has learnt to be sick in a bucket a home now.
So my mission for the last few shoots has been to photograph Jaylen vomiting which kind of made me question what the hell I am doing with my life. Anyways, yesterday it happened and even though I got photos of the act itself, my favourite is by far Jaylen standing surrounded by his toys in front of his bucket with vomit staining the floor. Not 1 minute later he was happily eating toast, un-phased by what had just happened. As he approaches his third birthday I am also proud but heartbroken to see this little boy mirroring his mother's strength as he grows up.

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