Showing my hand too early?

Katie 2011- my first official shoot with her for my project

Catching up with photographer friends this week to drag them to the group show I'm in, we got to talking about exhibiting and the fleeting self gratifying nature of it. It goes something like this- Shoot, edit, stress, hand over money for a space, hand over money for prints, hang, stress, have an opening, people you have photographed feel proud, get lots of pats on the back, scour media for mentions, visit gallery, de install, never hear about the work again. That pats on the back part is the main reason we all do it but I wonder if that really justifies the work and cost of hanging prints on a gallery wall. 

It also got me thinking about my Katie series. It will, in one shape or form, be exhibited next year but I don't know if a gallery is really the right place for it. I had initially wanted a magazine to be the final outcome for the images but the story is too big now not to mention that the magazine that expressed interest has shut down.

I also wonder whether I haven't over saturated my audience with photos of her already? When they are shown in whatever shape or form, most of the images will have already been seen by you. Of course they will have a much stronger edit and look more impressive but ultimately what I wanted with this series is for people to see it and to view Katie and her situation with a compassion and understanding that she doesn't get in her every day life sadly. And I think maybe the photos I've shown have already done that? When the images were featured on icantakephotos facebook page commenters and likers were in full force with their support for Katie in a way I know she has never felt before. I don't know if she would feel that at a gallery or from a magazine article. Which brings me back to the circle of not knowing how to show the photos but still amassing more and more work in the meantime.

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