Feel the power

When I first met Tyler he was well and truly a healthy kid. He had finished treatment for cancer and was learning to cope with being blind but until this year I can only remember him having a cold once. Then cancer came, knocking him about so much I would sometimes wonder if he would ever be the same little guy I knew again. By his 5th or so round of cheamo everything had changed- he was handling the treatment so well every hospital visit was full of so much laughter and playtime you could forget he was sick. But he was and is only an 11 year old boy trying to beat cancer for a second time. His parents have been to hell and back with this treatment, so many sleepless nights, so many what ifs. When the word "surgery" came up no one knew what to think, it was all his family could think about but no one wanted to talk about it. Then it happened last month- all 16 hours of it. A horrible, horrible day I wish I could forget. After surgery the doctors expected Tyler to be in intensive care for 4- 5 days and remain in hospital for 3 weeks. Tyler was out of ICU in 48 hours- making jokes as the nurses changed his bandages. He left hospital 6 days after surgery and these photos were taken a bit over 2 weeks from the day he went under. Tyler is amazing in the truest sense of the word- to think that anyone let alone a little boy, let alone a kid that has been through this before, can sit and smile and laugh after a surgery that the doctors weren't even sure he could survive... well it's staggering. Feel the power indeed. 

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