I'm not sure why I ever let myself think life for Katie is settling down. I think because I just want her to have a normal life I let my boundless optimism run wild sometimes and refuse to believe things can't be great for her and Jaylen. These images were taken less than 2 weeks ago. Katie and Jaylen at home, happy, even a little bored. I hadn't posted them because I think they aren't great photos and even Katie remarked that I must have enough photos of her in her pjs on the couch. Last night I got a call from Katie- Jaylen is extremely sick and waiting on emergency surgery, his 15th in 3 years. He will be in hospital for at least a month afterwards while they doctors try and get his stomach pumping again. I am heading in to see her in a few hours and don't really know what I will be walking into. Despite the urgency, despite her telling me that she has never seen Jaylen looking so unwell, when I asked her how she was feeling she replied " You know what? This has become normal for me, it's just another day in my life"

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