I don't think I've made it a secret that 2013 has been a fucker of a year. The one saving grace is that it has gone quickly so hopefully once 2014 starts the pain and bad memories of 2013 will begin to limp off into the distance.

For me 2013 started it with a lot of time spent in hospital as 3 people I was photographing were admitted. Now Mark is clear of cancer, Tyler seems to be getting stronger every day, but Jaylen is unfortunately right back where he started and Katie along side with him.

For me, 2014 will bring with it a big new commission, a new multimedia project which will be unlike anything I've done before, the public presentation of my work with Katie and Jaylen and a trip overseas mid year to rejuvenate.

 I hope wherever you are reading this from 2014 brings you nothing but love and light.

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