Lucky devil

I realised when I was taking these photos last week that I have known John since 2011 and what was meant to be a few photo shoots has turned into friendship.

When I first met him he was very different physically with his tattoo's stopping at his neck but also a very different person. I've been asked if I was ever scared to be around John ( I never was) but in reality he used to make me quite sad. He has endured a horrible life marred with tragedy and when I first met him he was an angry but very gentle man who I could tell would have been totally different if life hadn't been cruel to him. I was vocal about not wanting him to tattoo his face but as he did he began to change- the more he covered his skin the more open he became. He is now doing quite a but of promo and extra work, gets stopped in the street and asked to pose for photos and is constantly being waved at by kids. It's been the best thing for him. Leading now to little Lucky Devil who was in terrible shape when John found him but is getting stronger everyday. Strong enough to quite literally bite the hand that feeds him now in the way only a kitten can be forgiven for.

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