Amanda, Ricky and Reed from Hamilton, Victoria

"I don't think Why me really because why not me? What makes me so special? Why should this happen to someone else instead of me when no one really deserves this?"

I met Amanda on the information session we held at the house the first week of my residency. She did not seem keen on being photographed and as we sat in a group I didn't feel like she would want to be involved at all. But as I started asking her questions she opened up completely. She sat and told us the story of her son Reed's birth, a tiny baby who came at 24 weeks, her fear during the labour, her fears in the weeks following as she watched her tiny baby from outside an incubator. She spoke in the most compelling way, with no resentment and no fear.

Over my time in the house we became fast friends- gossiping about bridezillas, talking about our partners and watching in awe as Reed changed from a tiny delicate baby behind glass covered in tubes to the last photo on this post. As Reed changed so did Amanda, lighting up when she saw him and bursting with pride when Reed's Dad Rick came to visit on the weekend.

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