Bek, Dave and the girls

During most of my time in the house I barely spoke to Bek as she was constantly in the hospital with her twin daughters feeding and caring for them while they were starting to get ready to go home.  But I felt like I knew Bek because all of the other families in the house told me how much they had relied on her wisdom and kindness throughout their stay at the house. Bek is one of those women with a permanent smile on her face, she is warm, kind and a born nurturer. On my last day at the house I met her husband Dave who was equally warm and he told me about the events that lead to Scarlett and Isabella being born at 24 weeks. 

All of the stories I have shot for this series will be displayed along with the photos at an exhibition later this year. I cannot wait to share the stories of these people who so graciously let me into their lives.

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