Bree and Lucas

  Lucas visits the intensive care ward he was first admitted to

The room he was in for 10 months 

 The mobile that hung over his Intensive Care crib

Bree and Lucas were the first people I met at RMH. Bree walked into the lounge room pushing her pram and as we chatted a little hand came around the side of the seat and Lucas pulled himself forward and looked me dead in the eye. I didn't know what he lead him to being in the house at that point but the intense way he looked at me made me burst out laughing and a huge small spread across his little face. And that was it- I was smitten and remain so.

Lucas spent 10 months in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Monash.  He was paralysed from Botulism- a condition so rare and so deadly federal authorities had to be involved in collecting the antidote from California. He had to learn to breathe on his own again, the mark on his neck the last remnants of a "tracky" the Trachea that allowed him to breath without the aide of a ventilator. 

By the time I met them he was discharged from hospital and getting ready to go home to Mildura. Bree and I would sit and chat for hours about anything and everything. She is a remarkable woman and a phenomenal mother- taking what happened to her son and somehow finding something positive in it the way that only special people can. In the months when she waited by Lucas' beside waiting for signs of movement she was hardly at RMH, leaving the hospital late and night and returning early in the morning. So for me the timing of my residency could not have been better, I managed to meet an amazing woman and spend time with her beautiful son before she left Melbourne to re-start her life at home. 

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