Maddi and Sam

Maddi and Sam are twins that stayed in the house for 2 days while she had treatment that was no longer available in her local hospital in Tasmania. Her parents arrived tired after their first flight with the kids but were still open to talking about the journey that brought them to needing to us the house in the first place. Maddi has Cerebal Palsy and needed a procedure that helps her to walk and the Monash was the best place for it. The photos of her running through the house were taken a day before the procedure- she sized me up in the kitchen and then spent some time exploring the house and while I followed her. One thing her mother Amanda said to me that really stuck was not about Maddi but Sam. With prep looming she was trying to decide if she would send them to the same school as Sam has no special needs and she was concerned about him having to look after her. This little 4 year old told him mother that his sister is his best friend and of course he wanted her with him through school. After talking at length with parents who were worried about how children who are different will cope in a society that doesn't really know what to do with them, Sam's words brought a lot of comfort.

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