May, 2014

Some more shots of Katie before I go away. As much as she looks " mopey" ( her word, not mine) in a lot of my shots Katie is actually a pretty positive person despite how the past few years have played out. As hard as life gets she tries to focus on the good in her life. But when everything builds up, not matter how positive she tries to be  it can become too much.
I went to visit her yesterday and she is in the middle of an upheaval. After an incredibly difficult year for her and her family she seems exhausted by the idea of change and at the same time feels stuck where she is. I hate seeing her like this when she is beaten down by the world. I hope that some of this change can be positive and by the time I am back in July she will be back to her old self.


  1. Still love your work, but the stories you tell with it really clinch the deal.

    1. Thanks Tim, funnily enough I wasn't going to write anything as I'm getting a lil sick of photographers justifying their work with captions. But I can't tell Katie's story in photos alone really, there is so much more to her.



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