In one of the better spontaneous moves I've made I went to Sydney with my friend Mel who is also an insanely talented photographer to pull down my show and do a gallery megamix in 6 hours. We managed to see the Portrait prize,  shows by  Ben Lowry, Chris Rainer, Erika Diettes, Mary Ellen Mark, James Horan, a group show by relatives of TJ Hickey and the Mobile phone prize. Yep, all in one day. Head on was like no other photography festival I have seen, whole sections of Sydney seemed to have been overtaken by shows which was amazing in itself but what really threw us was the quality. Everything was saw was great, excellent and in some cases brilliant. My must sees are James Horan's brilliant series on Irish Gypsies and their horses at Dank Gallery space. It's funny, kind and one of those series I cannot wait to see as a book one day. And of course Mary Ellen Mark's first Australian show at Still's gallery which reminds everyone that masterful photography is needed in the time of image inundation. It's a small selection of her work but that does not make it any less powerful.

If you can make it to Headon, try and get longer than 6 hours to explore. You will not be dissapointed.

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